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General Portland cement
Update Date: 2017-06-15
Product Brand

(1) type:

Portland cement (p.  42.5, 42.5 R, P ?  p.  52.5, 42.5, p. P ?   R, P  42.5 to 52.5)

Ordinary Portland cement (P, 042.5, P, R, P, 052.5 042.5), and the corresponding low alkali cement

Composite Portland cement (p. C32.5, p. C32.5 R, P ? C42.5, p. C42.5 R) and the corresponding retarded cement

(2) property:

Green gray powder particles, a kind of fine grinding of inorganic material, when used in water mixing into plastic slurry, cementation sandstone and other appropriate materials and in the air and water hardening of powdery hydraulicity gelation materials. Cement and aggregate and water in appropriate proportion and mixing, accordingly can keep enough time to work to make the concrete or mortar, and on the strength of the reach regulation after a certain period of time, also has the long-term volume stability. Product quality is stable, volatile small, the rich high strength; Type of cement concrete mixture workability is good, and admixture adaptive performance is strong, slump loss is small, suitable for long distance transportation and high-rise pumping concrete mixing station.

(3) application:

all kinds of industrial and civil buildings, roads, Bridges, airports and other big construction engineering and underground engineering by erosion.

(4) packaging

Bags (50 kg per bag of net content) or Storage tank

(5) the quality

GB175-2007 standard.

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