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pressure compensating dripline
Update Date: 2017-06-15
Product Brand
Xinjiang Tianye Xinjiang Tianye
The main raw material is Polyolefin, which is resistant to fertilizers and chemicals commonly use for irrigation, and conveyance of water at temperatures up to 45℃ for irrigation purpose. This material does not support the growth of algae and bacteria and is resistant to UV.
Performances and features:  
1、The pressure compensating emitter and drip line are integrated during manufacture, and convenient to use. Low-cost and economy drip line.
2、Each dripper has own filter window, water is in turbulent condition, and strong clogging resistance.
Products Series:
Inner diameter(mm)
Nominal pressure(MPa)
Flow rate(l/h)
Be suitable for the hilly land, open field crop, green house, orchards, garden, landscape, forestry, and grassland, Especially suitable for the farmland with significantly height difference or the project requiring long-distance drip line.

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